Mathematical Thinking (Seminars)


This course is aimed at first-year students of Bachelor’s Program “Computer Science” at MIPT.


Course's directory in Google Drive [here]

CW 1. Logic in Life and Mathematics. Induction and Recursion.

CW 2. Induction on the set of natural numbers.

CW 3. Set theory.

CW 4. Binary relations.

CW 5. Functions.

CW 6. Finite and Countable sets. Combinatorics.

CW7. Orders and Equivalences.

CW8. Boolean Functions.


Homework 1. [Submission's deadline 1 - October 27 at 17 00 (Moscow time)] [Submission's deadline 2 - November 8 at 17 00]. Read instructions at the end of this page. Submit your solutions here. Check the meeting's schedule here!

Attendance & Marks

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This is a preliminary version of the program. Some small changes are possible during the semester.

Course guidelines and grading system

Every week you have both a lecture and a seminar. During the lecture (with prof. Dashkov) you will discuss theory and you will prove theorems needed to solve problems, and during your seminars, your will solve problems.

Prof. Dashkov has created a series of problem sets, that we will call Classworks (or CWs for short), which we need to solve along this year. Every CW is related to some theoretical topic from the lecture. Solving each CW takes about 4 seminars.

After finishing with a CW, you will be giving a Homework. At the end of each semester, you will get a grade from 1 to 10 (you need at least 3 to pass) according to the following parameters:

Homework's submission and defense

You need to solve every homework and send me your solutions via google Classroom. Join the google class using the code vs5rxhg or this link.

Please, send me your solutions prior to the deadline (I will not consider solutions sent after the deadline!). In total, we will have about 8-9 CWs, and accordingly 8-9 homeworks. You need to upload your homework's solution in a SINGLE pdf file. Please, make sure to take good quality photos and I expect legible handwriting.

You can send me your solutions two times, so we have 2 different deadlines. After the first attempt, I will send you back my feedback on writing form. If you still have doubts, we can discuss them at the end of the seminar. After the second attempt, we will meet via Zoom (if that's necessary) to discuss your work, and if you still made little mistakes, I can ask you to correct them right there in the meeting, so that you can get your point. By the way, during our meeting I will not accept solutions that were not uploaded on time.

I will send you the meeting's schedule for the homework's discussion right after the deadline ends.